Webinar Wednesday: Ten Things You Should Know About Social Media in Claims and Litigation

Ten Things You Should Know About 

Social Media in Claims and Litigation
The purpose of this webinar will be to introduce attendees to several things about the impact of social media on claims and litigation. We will cover where to look for social media information, how to look, ethical considerations, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding social media, and spoliation. If you ever have concern that one of your claimants or plaintiffs is misrepresenting the nature and extent of their injuries, this webinar is for you.
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EDT


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Social Media Thieves


Wow! Everyone is using social media. Isn’t it great?

Well apparently some less honorable folks have found a way to better time a robbery – when you’ve just told everyone on your social media website that you off for 3 days in Lake Wherever.
The statistics in this article reflect that summer time in Canada, especially Friday evenings, are the best times to break into a residence.
Be careful with what you post to the public!

Thieves Use Social Media to Plan Summer Home Burglaries

Data from Aviva Canada shows that residential burglary claims increase dramatically over the summer months. Compared to February – which has the lowest frequency of burglaries – July, August and September show an increase of 24 percent, 36 percent and 18 percent respectively. Read Entire Article