The Adjuster

The Adjuster
“If adjusting be an art, then is the thoroughly competent adjuster an Artist of no mean order of talent; for there are few callings or professions requiring so man essential qualification to enable him to cope successfully with the multitudinous phases usually presented by complicated losses, whether such complications arise from conflicting and non-concurrent policies, or from the villainies of shrewd operators bent upon fleecing insurance companies.”


Jeremiah Griswold, General Adjuster
Handbook of Adjustment of Loss Or Damage by Fire
Insurance Monitor, New York. 1868


Webinar Wednesday: Florida CEU – Claims Resolution

Claims Resolution is designed to provide an in-depth analysis and explanation of one of the most important elements of  property and liability claims adjusting: resolution. As this course shows, many factors are involved in resolving a claim—that is, bringing the claim process to a conclusion. Two key factors to which much of this course is devoted involve negotiation and litigation. The course also examines the important topic of ethical claims handling.  
The course includes the following chapters:
  • Duties and Process
  • Negotiation 
  • Litigation
  • Recoveries
  • Ethics
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