2018 Hurricane Forecast with Provencher & Company, LLC

If you were in the claims business in 2017, you had a front row seat to a wild ride. The season was fast and furious with lots of twists and turns.  In less than 30 days, the US was hit with 3 major hurricanes over thousands of miles.  The insurance industry was running on all cylinders and Provencher & Company, LLC was no exception.

There were logistical challenges due to the large geographical area and staffing challenges due to the incredible demand during the intense weeks of August and September of 2017.

As the claims settled, the industry as a whole was looking at ways to avoid repeating the chaos and challenges of the 2017 Hurricane Season. At Provencher & Company, LLC we took action and made improvements to ensure a smooth 2018 Hurricane Season.

  • Recruiting
  • Early Alert System
  • CAT Team Leaders
  • Executive Claim Manager
  • Pre-planning Assessments

If you have any questions about our services, coverage areas or would like to discuss a Hurricane Assessment with us, please contact Kelly Cressy at kcressy@provencherclaims.com or Jim Abbott at jabbott@provencherclaims.com.

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Powerful nor’easter whacking East Coast

Fallen tree on a house in Kings Park, NY. Image via Twitter.

A powerful nor’easter morphed into a “bomb cyclone” today as it has hammered the East Coast with a ferocious mix of howling winds, drenching rain, some snow and surging waves.

The storm’s effects are being felt as far south as Georgia and as far north as Maine. In Rhode Island, the winds were so severe that officials shut down the Newport Bridge. In New York City, most flights were grounded for a time this afternoon. And in the Washington suburbs, downed trees were strewn across the streets.

At least two people have died, according to authorities: a 77-year-old woman in Kingsville, Maryland, and an 11-year-old boy in Putnam County, Virginia. Both were killed by falling trees. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he’s called in the National Guard and urged vigilance. “Do not ride out the storm if you are told to evacuate,” Baker said.

We at Provencher & Company have staff in place and are ready to serve.

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Western US Hail Severe Property Damage

Western US Hail storms are causing severe Commercial and Residential Property Damage. Provencher & Company has experienced staff in place. Call 866-722-5246.


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Hurricane Season Adjuster To-Do List

At Provencher & Company, we trust our adjusters are as prepared for the storm season as the insured is advised to be. However, we often get so wrapped up in our daily claim work that we neglect to prepare ourselves personally for a storm deployment.

As such, we have compiled a quick “to-do” list for our adjusters to ensure each of you are ready to go when you get the call to deploy:

1. Prepare your home in advance. Do you live in a “potential threat zone”? Don’t be caught in Florida working a storm and have your home unprepared back in Texas with a CAT 3 headed that way.

2. Prepare your vehicle. Tires good for travel? Routine maintenance done?

3. Using a RV during deployment? Prepare it for the trip too. Routine maintenance, stock supplies, etc.

4. Prepare your computer. It happens every year….. at least one computer crashes in the field and the adjuster panics. Don’t be the person that loses all your work. Make sure you are up-to-date on anti-virus software and have an external hard drive.

5. W5 Claim Management. Learn it, use it, love it! Provencher & Company has a comprehensive claims management system that we have worked hard over many years to develop into all that we want & need. Use it – its to your benefit. Don’t worry about losing your photos or estimates. Once you create them, save them to the claim file and there is no fear of the documents being lost.

6. Estimating Software. The middle of a CAT is not the time to learn a new estimating software. If you are contemplating make a change, please do so NOW! Learn the software prior to having to handle 200 claims in a 2 week period! Provencher & Company requires Xactimate during a CAT.

7. Photo Required. We need a photo for every field or desk adjuster on file. These might be used to produce a CAT ID if you work for us in the field. There are also occasions where our clients want to learn more about a file reviewer. We will be sending out a reminder notice in a few days to those still missing photos. Please supply an unprotected Jpeg file so we can resize it to fit if needed. Send any new photo (or if you want to replace your old photo) to info@provencherclaims.com.

8. Updated Personnel File. Please make sure you have completed a 2016 Adjuster File Update Form. If not, we need this – please email info@provencherclaims.com if you need one! It includes your emergency contact information, state licenses, etc. Heaven Forbid, but if you fall off a roof, we need to know who to contact in case of an emergency! Unfortunately, it happens, even to the most experienced of adjusters! Just ask Jerry!

Severe hail storm pounds Killdeer, N.D.

A severe thunderstorm that produced hail the size of baseballs pounded Killdeer, N.D. on Sunday. The hail hit about 4:30 p.m. and caused severe damage to homes, businesses and vehicles.

Provencher & Company has adjusters already responding to the needs of our clients in the remote town of Killdeer, ND.


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