Provencher National Claims Center Spared From Flood Waters


During this historic flooding in south Louisiana we are very happy to say that the Provencher National Claims Center in Hammond, LA has been spared any damage.

Friday morning, the executive decision was made to implement our company’s “Disaster Continuity Plan” and our entire staff went into action. By 2:00pm, we were able to locked the doors to the building with our pre-disaster work completed, our remote staff in place (and continuing the daily operations of the company), and thus allowed our local Louisiana staff safe travels home to be with their families. On today, Monday at 7:00am, we reopened the doors to the National Claims Center having never missed a beat!

We are very thankful to report that no employee sustained damage to the interiors of their homes, all are safe, and all have returned to the office this morning. Some did sustain flood damage to property but their homes themselves are not damaged. One employee did have to be rescued by the National Guard from fast rising water at her property and they were safely transported out of the flooded area. 

Being called “the 100 year flood” there are now 30 parishes (yes parishes, not cities) which look like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; all under water. Louisiana only has 64 parishes and already 30 of those parishes have been declared a flood disaster by the governor as of this morning.  Today, many areas still have rising rivers, more rain is in our forecast, and there are still boat and air rescues taking place at this time.

With our staff being stretched from one end of Tangipahoa Parish to the other, we have faced a variety of challenges. Travel to the office this morning was, of course, difficult due to the many roads still holding water and the countless roads and bridges that have washed out. But, the entire staff is here and we are business as usual.

Our staff would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, calls, emails and well-wishes received over the last 3 days. It has, and continues to be, a trying time for our communities but Louisianans are resilient people. Just as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is now only memories, this will also be; this too shall pass.

We would also like to thank our National Guard, our local and state police, fireman, EMT, first responders, and local and state officials for their tireless efforts keeping our communities safe. Not just them, but to each and every “neighbor” who has stepped out of their comfort zone and stepped up to help someone, to the hundreds of men and women who have come from other areas with boats in tow to help rescue those in need — to you all we say THANK YOU! Watching our communities come together to assist each other is what makes this such a great place to live!

We are here. We are strong. And as always, your Provencher & Company staff stand ready to serve and meet the needs our clients!





More than 4,000 homes have been damaged during this week’s historic flooding across areas of Louisiana. State officials said Sunday in an update that number is expected to grow.

As the Tangipahoa River overflowed its banks in many communities in south Louisiana, the Provencher & Company’s National Claim Center (Hammond, LA) faced concerns of being flooded by the rising water. While our building did not flood and was spared any damage, many areas in the parish are severely affected. Numerous roads and major highways are impassable with water still crossing over them, bridges have washed out, hundreds of families are displaced, homes and businesses destroyed with water reaching the roof levels in some spots, and all parish schools remained closed as of today. A section of I-12 westbound near Robert, LA took on water from the Tangipahoa River and had to be shut down for nearly 24-hours on Saturday due to water topping the roadway.

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Flooded Homes Along The Tangipahoa River, Ponchatoula, LA

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Hello My Name Is ….

I remember when I was in college, the first day of class would start with role call—the professor reading out last names, Robbins (here), Smith (here), Fogarty (here), and usually just before my name was called there was a long pause followed by some close scrutiny of the student roster and then…Lisa? I used to wait and watch for it. Why? Because my last name back then was difficult to pronounce!Lisa Marshall, Public SpeakerHello-My-Name-Is-Hard-to-Pronounce

Are you faced with a name and have a tough time trying to decipher how to pronounce what you are seeing on paper? Yes? How about being face to face with someone and not knowing how to correctly pronounce their name? I think we have all been there a time or two. Advice: If you don’t know the correct pronunciation of someone’s name, ask!

People wince inwardly when you mispronounce their names. Even worse, it is a serious breach of business etiquette. If you are in doubt, ask apologetically for the person to recite it for you. Additionally, jokes or wisecracks about a person’s name are not funny and are offensive. Always remain professional.

If your own name is difficult to pronounce, please do people a courtesy and help out the person who is trying to pronounce it – promptly. No need for them to stumble and stutter uncomfortable for your mere entertainment purposes. You can simply smile and say “It’s a tough name isn’t it?” Then pronounce it clearly without making a big deal out of it.

Here are a few resources to help you out, hopefully, before you find yourself in a sticky situation with a new & hard to pronounce name:


It’s always great to get a difficult name to pronounced correctly, but at very least you should get it wrong politely.



Julie3 - PreferredJulie Rock-Chatellier is Claim Operations Manager for Provencher & Company. Julie has served in staff and management assignments for over 20 years in various industries, gaining a working, practical knowledge of marketing, human resources, and account management administration.




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01 15 2016 NOAA Hail & Wind Report


The NOAA Hail & Wind Report from the yesterday shows that Florida received the brunt of the weather activity in the U.S.

Reports Attached:

01 15 2016 NOAA Hail & Wind Report

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