Julie Rock-Chatellier named 2017 RISE Award Recipient

Julie3 - Preferred23Provencher & Company is pleased to announce Director of Quality Assurance & Claim Operations, Julie Rock-Chatellier, has been named a recipient of the Inaugural 2017 RISE Award.

Julie started her career in Insurance as a Temp during Hurricane Katrina. She has worked her way up in the company and created positions based on her strengths and her determination to grow the company. Her most recent promotion has her overseeing the entire Claims Processing Team and she is recruiting and training a new generation of claims professionals.

“She has demonstrated to many entry level claims staff this is more than a job, it is a career with many opportunities to grow and work in many different areas of the insurance industry.” – Kelly Cressy, Provencher & Company

RISE to the Occasion: During several hurricanes, including Katrina, Gustav and Ike, Julie’s home and community suffered damage. During a time of chaos, when most people would put work aside, Julie was not only able to manage her personal losses, she made sure the staff was safe and accounted for and managed to keep CAT work flowing smoothly. Her experiences have molded her into an amazing CAT Manager. She has the ability to remain calm and triage work flow to offer the best response times and solutions.

“Recognizing and advancing the best young professional talent in the insurance industry.”

To learn more about RISE visit: http://www.riseprofessionals.com

Provencher & Company is a nationwide provider of property and liability claims solutions and independent expert services. We support innovative, comprehensive claims solutions to the specific needs of our clients who include: insurance companies; brokers; MGAs; wholesalers; E&S markets; reinsurance companies; self-insured entities; Lloyd’s; and law firms. Provencher & Company has built and maintains a national catastrophe claims center in Hammond, Louisiana.

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One thought on “Julie Rock-Chatellier named 2017 RISE Award Recipient

  1. Congratulations Julie! I can’t think of anyone more deserving. When it comes to understanding and managing the world of catastrophe claims adjusting, Julie is definitely one of the best!

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