Celebrating a Decade of Success

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When we opened our doors in 2006, Provencher & Co. had 15 Property adjusters in only 2 states.  On June 25th we celebrate 10 years–having added more than 235 experienced adjusters, 44 more states, and several new lines of business. And our growth continues today! 

This would not be possible without the hard work of owners Jerry Provencher and David Kurland, the dedication of our staff, including two ladies who have been with us from day one– Julie Rock-Chatellier and Kandy Ray— and the continued loyalty and trust of our customers.  

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported Provencher & Co over these past 10 years.  We ask you to join us in celebrating this milestone as we look forward to future success.



6 thoughts on “Celebrating a Decade of Success

  1. My relationship began with Jerry, Dave, Julie and Kandy when it was Property Loss Consultants, back during Katrina. One of my most fond memories was during the middle of Katrina. We were instructed to attend a mandatory meeting with the owners and operators. It was an incredible meeting to say the least. Dave had just unveiled W5 and you can only imagine a room full adjusters, back in 05 trying to grasp the potential of this platform. To say the least, W5 has been one of the best innovations for insurance adjusting! The Staff and colleagues which were present then and now representing Provencher, have never wavered in their commitment to provide the best business model in the industry.. I’ve always been amazed to see Jerry Dave, Julie and Kandy’s dedication, knowledge and professional approach during Katrina and every cat and situation since. Its their care and ability to make you not feel like a number, which is a driving force for why i enjoy working with Provencher. Live long and prosper Provencher and Company!

  2. I have been in the insurance business for 37 years, It has been a pleasure working with Provencher and company as an independent since the inception. What separates the Provencher group from the rest? Professionalism. They are professionals and they expect the same from everyone. Congratulations and may you enjoy continued success.

    Justin J Hustead EGA
    Charleston, SC

  3. Happy Anniversary! I wish I could say I had been with you since the start however I am just happy to be here now. Many more successful years are ahead. I wish us well!

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