Recommended Webinar TODAY: Property Title Searches – Concepts & Practical Application for Insurance Claims


As part of AFX Research’s service to the insurance industry, they offer an annual free training webinar. This year’s webinar is scheduled for today, Thursday (February 5th) at 11am EST. The webinar will run approximately 30 minutes and will cover the following topics:

Ø The process to research a property and create a title search report
Ø Discuss what items are listed on the report
Ø How to read a title search
Ø Best practices for using title searches for claims handling

If you are interested in attending the link to the webinar is below and you can register now:

Lead Presenter – David Pelligrinelli: Board Member of the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors, expert witness for the Department of Justice on matters of recorded title documents and a licensed Private Investigator in Florida, California, Washington and Michigan.


*The posting of this article is for informational purposes only, as a courtesy to our reading audience. Provencher & Company does not own, has in no way been compensated for the sharing of this information, and content of said article belongs to that of the originating author. The use of or enrollment in any classes, seminars, training, etc. in no way constitutes or implies any endorsement of the provider of said programs. Provencher & Company shares no financial obligation to attendee or organizer.


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