Changing Seasons & Fall Leaf Colors Explained

highland-highway-leavesEvery autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of color in many parts of the United States. From bright yellows to vibrant reds, the leaves transform, showing their rich and vibrant hues. From the Northeast United States, to the Southeast and Midwest United States, the foliage season begins in early September in the northern regions and ends in southern locations in November. Every year, travelers flock to these areas to take in the fall foliage, to catch a glimpse of nature’s splendor.

The U.S. Forest Service indicates that much of the region is still in peak color, though most areas north of Pennsylvania are generally past peak. This map of fall color indicators is based on eyewitness accounts and represents a general overview. It is not an exact representation of peak leaf color.The U.S. Forest Service aslo provides a current accessible data table, to track leaf color change. Please check with your local officials to verify exact peaking days. Road Tripper also produces an impressive static map of leaf peaking.

Fall Colors Progression

Satellite Views

The changing of the seasons across the Mid-Atlantic can be seen in these two true color images from the Suomi NPP satellite taken on September 27th and November 2nd, respectively. Especially clear are the changes occurring in foliage of the Appalachian Mountains, which create diagonal bands across the middle of each scene.



For more on why leaves change colors:




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