Severe Storms Wallop South; Tornado Ashdown, AR

Severe storms ripped through the South overnight, killing at least one person in Arkansas and damaging homes and property in Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri, according to the Weather Channel. 

More severe weather is forecast for Monday. A tornado watch — meaning conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop — is in place for much of Arkansas and parts of Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Wind gusts of 75 to 80 mph were reported in southwestern parts of that Oklahoma, as one home lost parts of its roof in Elmer. In Texas, thousands of homes and businesses lost electricity as thunderstorms soaked northern parts of the state. Most of the outages are concentrated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Forecasters say areas east of Little Rock are at the greatest risk of tornadoes Monday, including eastern Arkansas, northwestern Mississippi and far western Tennessee. Memphis is the biggest city under the severe weather threat Monday.

Widespread heavy rainfall is also expected in and around these areas contributing to flash flood potential, the National Weather Service predicts.

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