Wednesday Webinar: Bulletproofing Your Claim Investigation Against Bad Faith


CLM 2014 Webinars
No cost to attend
Bulletproofing Your Claim Investigation Against Bad Faith
Many bad-faith claims flow from allegations of deficient adjuster investigations. Plaintiff attorneys will examine an adjuster’s fact-finding process months or years after the fact, compare it with “ideal” approaches and argue that the claim decision-making was flawed by a an adequate, biased or superficial investigation. This webinar will examine specific tips and strategies insurers and TPAs can adopt to insulate themselves from such claims through conducting reasonable investigations.
Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Time:12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EDT

*Please note: This posting is for informational purposes only, as a courtesy to our reading audience. Provencher & Company has in no way been compensated for the sharing of this information. The use of or enrollment in any classes, seminars, training, etc. in no way constitutes or implies any endorsement of the provider of said programs. Provencher & Company shares no financial obligation to attendee or organizer.

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